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I Wish I Was An Oscar Meyer Weiner

Pen and ink tattoo design, 1993.

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Granny’s Tired

Looks like DC has released the cover image for ARMY@LOVE: THE ART OF WAR #4, so I’m free to slap it up here. Pencils by me (after Whistler of course), inks Gary Erskine, color Brian Miller

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Kiss The Sky

Earlier this year I posted a whole slew of art on the message board in which I’d appropriated dead celebrities to flog BRAT PACK T-SHIRTS. There was one illustration not included because I’d sold the original; which was this reworking of the classic Jimi Hendrix photo. Shaun Cockram emailed to remind me where I could find the printed version, which I’ve scanned in for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Shaun.

Anyone out there have the original art to this piece? I’d love a nice scan, if possible.

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Big Horn

World class comics retailer John Rovnak sent me this sketch I did for him back in the early 90’s (I think). Any of you folks out there who have sketches by me, and would like to share them on this blog, send ’em along to the email address on my “contact” page. Please keep them under a meg though. I’m still on dialup out here in the boonies.

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Light As Air

Back in 1987, my ol’ bud, Tim Truman, was editing AIRBOY for Eclipse. It was an attempt to market a bi-weekly series and featured some nice early writing by Chuck Dixon. Tim got me to do this cover for #18. Ink, dyes and airbrush, 1987.

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We got a lot of these where I live.

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Comic Within A Comic

It’s an old trick, but I kind of like how it worked here in GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET.

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Ghost Retro In the Sky

Another of my and Alan Moore’s character designs for the Awesome retcon. Don’t have a clue if he ever got used. Pen and ink, 1998.

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On The Drawing Board

Just finished the pencils to ARMY@LOVE: THE ART OF WAR #4. Here’s page 14 for your viewing pleasure. To figure out what’s going on with poor MAGOON, you’ll have to read the series, of course. In fact, issue #1, with the MONA LISA parody, should be on the stands at your local comic book emporium right now. Don’t miss it!

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When King Hell Press crashed amid the distribution wars of the nineties, I’d published 21 issues of RARE BIT FIENDS. The final issue of RBF had launched the first chapter of “SUBTLEMAN”, an exploration of shamanic dreams I’d harvested over the years. The second chapter was finished but never saw print until it was included in THE FORBIDDEN BOOK from Renaissance Press in 2001.

Somehow, someday, I’ve got to get back to finishing SUBTLEMAN. For now, here’s neat page that most of you probably have never seen. Pen and ink, 1998.

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