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Micky Man

Fragment from an unfinished LITTLE TINY comic that, I think, was going to be a funny animal satire of how Walt Disney might have come up with his signature character. Pen and ink on illustration board, 1988.

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Doodle Monkey

One empties the mind, puts pen to paper, and out comes a gorilla, as if by its own volition!

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Diamond Announces Cut Back In PREVIEWS Relists

In the solicitation package I just received from Diamond Distribution, suppliers are being notified that due to economic conditions Diamond will be much more selective in which items they will offer in PREVIEWS and that they are cutting back on items being “Offered Again”. Since most publishers, large and small, depend on these relists of backlist items, this will be a hard pill to swallow for many.

It looks like King Hell backlist titles, such as THE ONE, MAXIMORTAL, SHINY BEASTS, ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN, HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES, RABID EYE, POCKET UNIVERSE and CRYPTO ZOO will not be available through PREVIEWS in the immediate future even though historically most, especially the superhero titles, have attracted healthy orders each time they have run in the catalog.

So if you are a reader wishing to pick up a King Hell book, you’ll probably have to do it on, or at (which offers exclusive signed plates for some titles) or, better yet, at my own on-line store (where all copies come signed).

If you’re a retailer who knows you can always sell a copy of THE ONE, BRAT PACK or MAXIMORTAL, please get in touch and we can discuss terms by which you can purchase direct.

Above, unpublished logo study.

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The Play’s The Thing

Not sure who the actors were in this photo I sketched back in 1996. But they look happy!

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Back Online!

Sorry the blog hasn’t been updated in a few days but we got caught right in the middle of that ice storm that crippled New England last week. Our power and internet went down Thursday night and we’ve been keeping warm with the woodstove and hauling water from the pond for our plumbing needs ever since. Power finally came back today and we are glad to hear all the little systems in the house running again (and most thankful for hot showers).

Here’s a GREYSHIRT cover to tide any hungry eyeballs over. I will resume daily posting tomorrow!

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Scientists Make Dream Art Obsolete?

Up to now, the only way to record the imagery in dreams was by hand, such as I did with this page of dream art from RARE BIT FIENDS #2. But today’s announcement that scientists have discovered how to tap into the dreaming mind to make dream images appear on a computer screen might change all that!

You, of course, can still enjoy my collections of illustrated dream comics, such as RABID EYE, POCKET UNIVERSE and CRYPTO ZOO without any wires connected to your brain at all! Just drop by my store and put in your order for signed copies.

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They Didn’t Have Spellcheck Back Then?

In response to yesterday’s post offering the BLOODHUNTER original art for sale, Bryan Galatis sends along info concerning it’s publication in SUPREME #43. Here’s the piece in a house ad for the planned CABBOT: BLOODHUNTER mini-series which was truncated into an unfinished back up series in SUPREME just as Maximum Press collapsed.

The hilarious thing about this ad is the insane spelling on the quote copy they got from Alan Moore. I wouldn’t blame Alan, since I’ve seen enough of his scripts to know he’s a good speller. I suspect someone at Extreme/Maximum took the quote over the phone and Alan’s descriptive language was just too much for ’em. At least they got our names right.

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Original Art For Sale!

One of the great things about remodeling my studio is that I’ve finally got my original art files organized for ease of access. So I’m going to start putting selected pieces up for sale here on the blog every week or so. My plan is to offer the really choice stuff, mostly culled from my mainstream work over the decades.

First up is a BLOODHUNTER promotional piece that I believe only appeared once as an advertisement. It’s big at 11″x17″, executed by me in pen and ink on illustration board around 1997. In perfect condition.

Price: $375

If you are interested, email me at

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Veitcher’s Creatures #5

Marker in sketchbook, 1999.

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Chad Roe

Here’s a pen and ink character sketch of Chad Roe that wasn’t included in CAN’T GET NO. If you haven’t yet read my 2005 graphic novel, you can order it, with an exclusive signed bookplate, from the good folks over at

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