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COMIX ZOO Gallery Opening

I’ve got a show of original art opening Wednesday, January 21st at the Vault Gallery of the New Hampshire Institute of Art in downtown Manchester NH. I’m showing covers from ARMY@LOVE and RARE BIT FIENDS along with a bunch of comics work. I’ll be dragging a box of books over with me to give away, so if you’re in the neighborhood stop by and get a free signed graphic novel!

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The Monster Hunters Club

Here’s the splash page to a short story written by Hart Fisher, penciled by me and inked by Tom Yeates. Can’t remember who we did this for, but I think it was back in the late 1990’s.

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Kirby Kollage

In the pre-Photoshop days of the 1960’s, Jack Kirby pioneered the technique of adding collage to his pages to create fantastic vistas of the imagination. Since reproduction was so lousy back then, these collages often were murky, but they were so audacious they still held a fascination for readers like myself.

In the many retro comics I’ve worked on, I’ve had a few opportunities to duplicate Jack’s technique, which essentially was to cut out interesting things from magazines and books and paste them on a board, repurposing these clippings with an eye to designing some sort of wild location or machine. I can see why Jack did it; it’s an enjoyable blast. Here’s the collage I did that was dropped into the background of the first panel of WORLD’S GREATEST COMIC MAGAZINE #8, page 22. ©Marvel Enterprises

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Why Commissions Are Fun

Getting a request like this: CHIPPY (from BRAT PACK) trying to pick up GREYSHIRT in a bus station. Here are the pencils. I’ll run the finished inks soon.

And yes, the commission window is still open.

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Bloody Pulp

Here’s a scan from “The Wall”, a 4 page GALLERY OF WAR written by Bob Kanigher and illustrated by me while still a student at Kubert School. In the story, “the wall” is a wall of casualties built up between British and German machine gun emplacements in Soisson, France, 1914.

While the Comics Code was in full force in those days, I was able to show the bloody pile of corpses by not showing them; just creating a mass of black with a hint of texture upon which the tiny figures of soldiers were seen slipping and sliding. Making the texture a full red added to it, I think. From SGT. ROCK #321, October 1978 (© DC Comics).

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Own The Complete STORYBOOK SMITH By Alan Moore and Rick Veitch

Here’s a neat little gem I’m offering for sale. It’s the complete 4 page STORYBOOK SMITH story from JUDGEMENT DAY #3. Script by Alan Moore, art by Rick Veitch, lettering by Todd Klein. Art is pen, brush and ink on 11 x 17″ boards. Lettering is cleanly pasted up on the artwork.

There can’t be many complete Alan Moore stories available anywhere. I’d like to get $900 for this one. If you are interested, give me a shout.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

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June 2050

Back in the early 80’s, HEAVY METAL Art Director, John Workman came up with a neat concept called JUNE 2050. The idea was to give lots of different artists a single page in the magazine to riff on the idea of JUNE 2050 in any way they wished. There was talk of a collection of all the strips but I don’t believe anything ever came of it.

Here’s my piece. Pen, ink and airbrush, 1983.

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Yo Kids! More Free Comics! Now With Working Link!

I’ve just received printed copies of WNET’s NATURE COMICS #3. That’s my grinning and greedy dragon guarding the treasure on the cover and I’ve got a 6 page fantasy story, with lots more dragons, inside. There’s a ton of great stuff in this book, especially a knock-out 6 pager by Mark Evanier and Tom Yeates, who’s last panel that will rip your heart out (and I’m not kidding).

NATURE COMICS is printed and distributed free by WNET as a promotion and study guide for the NATURE television program. I’m not sure how you can order the printed version but you can click right over here and get some of the stories, like Mark and Tom’s and my own, as a free digital download.

I messed up the link yesterday.  Now it’s fixed.

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The Infinite Variety Of The Human Face

Pen and ink in sketchbook, 1996.

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Own The Hand Of Doom!

The cover to WORLD’S GREATEST COMICS MAGAZINE #8 (©Marvel Enterprises) with Doctor Doom’s mailed fist clutching the Cosmic Cube in my best Kirby Kracklin’ style. Bruce Timm inked the final version on a separate board so I have this lovely 11 x 17″ pencil version in perfect condition and am offering it for sale in the $350 range. If interested please get in touch.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

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