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Famous Artists In Dreams

I dream a lot about famous artists. Bob Dylan is always showing up; sometimes even singing new songs I’ve never heard before. Pen and ink, 1994.

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Government Control Of Dreams?

I know I’m paranoid, but in the 1990’s, while I was doing RARE BIT FIENDS, I had a number of dreams about the government having some sort of technology that somehow shaped dreams. I really hope it’s just me working out my own neurotic personality.

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The Wisdom Of Old Timers In Dreams

I’m always intrigued by these kinds of dreams where you meet characters who seem to know what’s going on. Are they trying to explain, through dream metaphors, how things work in the dimension of consciousness? Pen and ink, 1994.

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Fragments Of Dreams

I go on at some length in my ARTHUR interview about how doing dream comics allowed me to see previously invisible patterns in my dreaming. But I also like to play with those tiny bits of longer forgotten dreams that lodge in the memory upon waking up. In the early issues of RARE BIT FIENDS, I did a number of pages like this, abstract panels constructed of dream fragments. Pen and ink, 1994.

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Cutaway View Of The Soul In A Dream

Here’s a good example of how dreams often use puns to illuminate the mysteries of life. I’ve always interpreted this cutaway view of my dream self’s shoe sole as a possible illustration of the structure of the human soul. Pen and ink, 1994.

And the big dream announcement I mentioned a couple days ago is that ARTHUR MAGAZINE has just posted an extensive interview with me about how I’ve integrated dreamwork with my personal and artistic life. ARTHUR editor Jay Babcock conducted the interview in my home last winter and got right to the quick about my personal philosophy and the practice of working with dreams.

On top of that, Jay asked Alan Moore to whip up a quote to include in the introduction and Alan surprised him with a lovely introduction of his own. Thanks, Jay and Alan!

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Good Grooming Tips In Dreams

We continue to celebrate Dream Week here on the blog with this strange dream meeting from the first RARE BIT FIENDS collection, RABID EYE.

Pen and ink, 1994.

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Ghost In The Dream

I’m launching a special Dream Week here on the blog to coincide with some cool things happening on the net very soon. This particular dream comic from my first collection, RABID EYE, also contains some nice ghosting by Tom Yeates.

Tom and I met at Kubert School, shared the rent in a couple of art-crash-pads and collaborated on a bunch of DC stories in the late 1970’s. We always kept in touch and when he came to visit in Vermont in the 1990’s it just so happened I was working on a dream in which he was a character. It was only fitting that he draw himself.

You can pick up a signed copy of RABID EYE, as well as my other dream comics collections, at my online store.

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America’s Best Unconscious Cartoonist

A few panels from the very first published story of the ABC universe, OUR GLORIOUS INTRODUCTION. That’s me in the mummy wrap with script by Alan Moore, pencils by Chris Sprouse, inks by Al Gordon and color by Tad Ehrlich. ¬©America’s Best Comics.

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One Froggy Evening

Budgette’s Frog breaking into song.

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Chainsaw Massacree

A penciled page from an abandoned 1979 project, THE PLANETARY ROUTE.

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