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Beneath The Inks

As promised, here are the pencils to the recent MARVELMAN and MARVELWOMAN commission.

Miracleman and Miraclewoman

A recent commission of Miracleman and Miraclewoman mingling auras. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll post the pencils to this one. If you’re interested in commissioning your own piece of original Veitch art, get a hold of me.

Or check out some of my other commission work.

Dragon In The Rough

A concept sketch for the “Dragon” themed cover to NATURE COMICS #3.

Warehouse Find!

A month or so ago, when I was celebrating Fashion Week by posting my various T-Shirt designs here on the blog, I got in touch with Bubblin’ Bob Chapman over at Graphitti Designs to see if he had any inventory of the couple shirts I did with him back in the 1990’s. Sure enough, Bob turned up a few of these fabulous SNAKE shirts, featuring my full color cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #5. I bought out the remaining inventory and am offering them for sale on this site.


We only have two sizes available, LARGE and MEDIUM. These are 100% preshrunk Hanes Heavyweights, with the top quality reproduction Graphitti Designs is famous for. While they last: only$16 apiece, plus $4 shipping in the US. International shipping is $12.

Paypal me at:

Nature Is Free!

The fine folks over at are offering free downloads of all three issues of their award winning NATURE COMICS. Edited by David Reisman, these were done in conjunction with the NATURE TV series and distributed free to educators and museums. They feature some spectacular art and stories by folks like Tom Yeates, Josh Newfeld, Mark Evanier, myself and others.

Above, a splash page from one of my stories in NATURE #1, credits as shown.

The Coming Of The Discreator!

From HERO COMICS #18, 1967. Swiped from a throwaway character in Jack Kirby’s THOR.

We All Died At Breakaway Station

Another doodle I found in a sketchbook. Like all my doodles, this one was executed automatically, with no forethought. Looking at it today reminded me of an obscure science fiction paperback I read in my teens titled “We All Died At Breakaway Station”, written by Richard C. Meredith. It was about a starship manned by a crew of zombies, dead men resurrected by hi-tech to help fight an interstellar war.

Turtles Ate My Brain

The painted cover to my first TMNT comic. Pen, ink, dyes and airbrush, 1998.

Where The Super People Hang Out

Infraspace, from MIRACLEMAN #10, December 1986. Credits as shown. ©Your guess is as good as mine.

Always Merry And Bright

A pen and ink commission of Henry Miller. 1998.

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