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Own The Man Of Steel!


This is Page 13 from SWAMP THING #79, in which SUPERMAN and SWAMPY cross paths. Script and pencils by me, inks by Alfredo Alcala and lettering (on the board) by John Costanza. This original is on the extra large boards Vertigo used during the 1980’s. The final panel is a stat paste up as are the balloons on the previous two panels so it is not in pristine perfect condition. There were editorial problems with how I handled SUPERMAN in the first version I handed in and the paste ups were the fixes they asked me to do. Put this piece on a lightbox and you can see what I originally wrote and drew that didn’t pass muster with DC.

I’d like to get $225 for this original. If you’d like to own it, give me a shout.

You can check out some of the other originals I’ve put up for sale on this site; some sold and some still available.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

The Devil’s Wine



On the road this weekend. Here’s a two pager from Peter Money and myself to tide you over.

Poetry In Motion


Another Peter Money/Rick Veitch collaboration.

Uncle Meat Loves Granny Goodness


The new issue of ROYAL FLUSH is out and it’s got an incredible interview Jeff Newelt recorded with Ahmet Zappa about the friendship his dad, Frank, struck up with Jack Kirby! When I was asked to do an illustration for the piece, my mind was completely blown that two of my early cultural heroes hung out back in the day. If only they’d had a chance to collaborate!

Above, is the finished piece; my imaginary portrait of Frank Zappa as if drawn by Jack Kirby in his NEW GODS period. Hope you like!

UPDATE:  The LA TIMES blog, HERO COMPLEX, has jumped on the Kirby/Zappa story!

Yankee Doodle Went To Town


I had a vague idea where I was going when I took marker to sketchbook.

Happy Birthday, Harvey!


The Smith Magazine folks have organized a mind-bending birthday tribute to Harvey Pekar, getting over ninety artists to contribute original head shots of that famous mug. Here’s mine (with a tip of the hat to fellow collage fiend, Jack Kirby).

Out Damned Spot!


Me And Shakey Jam On A Piece


One of the great things about commissions are the challenges that come out of left field. Here are the pencils to one in which the client asked me to stage a memorable scene from Macbeth. I like the way comics make Shakespeare’s dialog easier for the modern mind to comprehend. I bet graphic novelizations of the Bard’s masterpieces would allow a lot of high school kids better access to them.

My other recent commissions can be seen here. And if you are interested in a commission of your own, get in touch. And yes, I like challenges!

Counter-Insurgencies Go Better With Coke!


Pencils to the cover of ARMY@LOVE #6.

Rasperry Red! Lemon Yellow!


It feels weird to copyright a poem. ©Peter Money and Rick Veitch

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