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A Summer Day


It’s four degrees above zero right now. Good time to run this sketch from life of a kid in the grass with his sketchbook, barefoot and content on a summer day.

Fender Bender


The penciled page 18 from ARMY@LOVE #2 in which MAGOON calls down a drone strike via his Fender.

Original Character Designs Under The Tree

With the holidays fast approaching, here are some reasonably priced, highly pedigreed pieces of original art that will make lovely gifts. These character designs were done for Alan Moore’s recreation of the Awesome Universe back in the late 1990’s. Each is executed in pen and ink by me on a half sheet of Image illustration board. If you are in the USA these can be Priority Mailed to reach you in time for Christmas. International may be a little more problematic, but we should be able to figure something out. Either way, shoot me an e-mail before some grinch grabs the one you want!


The Fisherman and Skipper. $100 plus $10 Priority Mail and Insurance in the USA.


Captain Compass. $100 plus $10 Priority Mail and Insurance in the USA.


Spacehunter. $100 plus $10 Priority Mail and Insurance in the USA.

My Fingerprints Are All Over This


This is my painting for the cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #19, a mix of watercolor, gauche and colored pencil. The little symbol in the fingerprint was this thing that spontaneously popped up in my dreams while I was working on the book. I later found something similar in a symbol book that had been left on the wall of a neolithic cave in Germany.

My Name’s On It But I Didn’t Draw That


While going through some comics I just noticed that this panel as published in WORLD’S GREATEST COMIC MAGAZINE #8 has been substantially reworked from my and Terry Beatty’s original art. I don’t know why the change got made; perhaps my exaggerated Kirby-style hand of THOR was a bit much? A closer look reveals all the figures in this panel have been reworked. The THING’s arm thrown away from the body is an improvement, but I have to say the redrawn THOR and TORCH seem more Trimpe than Kirby to my eye.


Another Sneak Peak At The Spotted Stone


When Rich Johnston asked for Thanksgiving Day samples of any unseen project I might be working on, I sent him a couple panel/pages for the in progress graphic novel, THE SPOTTED STONE to run over on BLEEDING COOL and, ultimately, here on my blog. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of e-mails and phone calls I got from folks who saw it and wanted to tell me how much they like it when I employ that style of line drawing.

Here’s another taste from THE SPOTTED STONE.

Thumbs Up


Commission for a jet engine designer in pen, inks and watercolor.

I’m still taking commissions, by the way. If interested, shoot me an e-mail.

Pretty good size gallery of previous commissions is available for your enjoyment.

Swamp Thing Smash!


DC has just released the second SWAMP THING hardcover collection of Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totleben’s groundbreaking run on the title. Shawn McManus and myself also have stories included in this volume. Mine is “The Brimstone Ballet”, with Totleben inking my pencils. While the hardcover is in full color, the above page is scanned from the black and white TITAN editions, which allows some approximation of John’s incredibly detailed ink line.

Also included in the hardcover is “Down Amongst The Dead Men”, with a fair amount of uncredited ghosting by me in service of Steve Bissette who needed help making it through the special double sized annual.

I don’t have a direct link, but a recommended place to order these hardcovers on-line is Good people, good service and exclusive bonus goodies with many orders.

Give The Gift Of Something Totally Twisted


We’ve all know someone who grooves on the strangest, weirdest, most over-the-top, pop culture artifacts. If you’ve got such a subterranean culture vulture on your holiday gift giving list we suggest this certifiably insane page of original art for BLOODHUNTER #1 with script and pencils by Rick Veitch, inks by Eric Cannon and Norm Raprund and lettering by Steve Dutro.

The page is in perfect condition and I’m asking $175 for it. If you’d like to put it under some lucky stiff’s tree, get in touch with me.

Double Bubble Trouble


PUD meets ED GEIN and loses the beanie in a panel from “MOMMA’S BWAH!” with script by Bill Kelley and art by Rick Veitch. Published in 50’s FUNNIES #1, 1980.

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