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Battle Of The Biblical Behemoths!

Continuing our trip down retro memory lane, here’s a piece that wasn’t included in the Checker trade paperback edition of SUPREME. It’s a faux cover for an issue of ACTUAL COMICS featuring SUPREME back in Biblical times battling GOLIATH and SAMSON.

The Silver And the Gold

Another faux-ALLIES cover from SUPREME #48.

Hmmm. I’m Running Out Of Catchy Retro Headlines

I’ve been getting inquiries from folks asking to purchase some of these SUPREME splash pages I have been showcasing. Unfortunately all the pages you’ve seen over the past week have gone to collectors long ago. In fact, one reason I’m running them is that I found a pile of photocopies of pages I had sold (the other reason is to put me in the retro mood for the project I’m currently working on).

I do have SUPREME pages available, but like I say, all the splash pages and faux covers are gone. Shoot me an email if you are interested in a regular SUPREME page.

More Golden Oldies

From SUPREME #41.

There’s More To Retro Than Kirby and Swan

Here’s a faux-70’s page from SUPREME #49. Script by Alan Moore, pencils by me and letters by Todd Klein. But with the addition of lovely Neal Addams style inks from Shawn Van Briesen.

The Past Was Close Behind

Man, we did a ton of this retro stuff! From SUPREME #48.

Retro To The Bone

And another.

Retro On Parade

Another retro classic from Moore/Veitch and Klein. SUPREME #51, page 6.

Retro To The Tips Of My Toes

Another Moore/Veitch/Klein page of retro goodness. SUPREME #50 page 17.

You Go, I Go, We All Go Retro!

From SUPREME #50. Same creative team of Moore, Veitch and Klein.

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