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A Farewell To Arms

Back in the early 80’s the violence level of superhero comics was still pretty subdued. But when I wrote and drew THE ONE for Epic Comics I was inspired as much by Wonder Warthog as by Jack Kirby. Here’s a sequence that kind of demonstrates that early aesthetic.

Free Flowing Ink

You grab a pen and paper, empty the mind and let whatever is in there come out.

Secrets Of Best Selling Authors In Dreams

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Well, maybe not twenty years to the day but pretty close. TEJANO, which I penciled and Tom Yeates inked, was published in the October 1981 issue of DC’s JONAH HEX, so there is a good possibility we were working on it during May of that year. Here’s the splash page.

From Life

A budding young cartoonist who took a class I taught a while back.

We Need Some Color

With all the interview bits and black and white line art I’ve been running it’s time for a retinal color blast. This image was created for the title page to my SHINY BEASTS collection using blobs of color manipulated by the Smudge tool in Photoshop.

Not Sure What This Was All About

I think this might have been from a Hi Eisman assignment at Kubert School. Probably an exercise in adapting a scene from a book as a cartoon illustration. Looks sort of biblical and I don’t have a clue why I gave it the Segar treatment.

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