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Feels Like Antarctica Around Here

From WNET’s NATURE Comics #1. Script by Mark Evanier. Lettering by Todd Klein. Pencils, inks and color by me.


From HEARTBURST. Pen, ink, dyes, gouache, colored pencil. 1984.

McKean Does Kirby

Not Jack Kirby, but my son, Kirby Veitch. When Dave McKean and his wife Claire visited in the early 1990’s, little Kirby was obsessed with marching bands and wooden soldiers. Dave left this impression in one of our sketchbooks.

Hildegaard Rail

And last but not least, HILDEGAARD RAIL. Like all the Mutato-Heads and the Sky Highway concept, art and story , Hildegaard Rail is copyright Rick Veitch.

Bone Ugly

Bone Ugly is also copyright Rick Veitch.

Rusty Dusty

Rusty Dusty is copyright Rick Veitch.

Diddy Wah Daddy

What the hell, let’s meet all of my MUTATO-HEADS! And this might be a good time to mention that MUTATO-HEADS, QUAKE-BUTT, DIDDY WAH DADDY and SKY HIGHWAY are all copyright Rick Veitch.

Call Me Quake-Butt

The opening page of “SKY HIGHWAY” in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30. Written and illustrated by me on that duo-shade paper back in 1990.

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