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The Abraxas Groundswell Continues

In what appears to be a grassroots movement to bring ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN to the attention of the world, ordinary citizens everywhere are dressing up in John Lilly costumes.  Thanks to Curt Callaway.

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Abstraction Of Justice

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Commission Window Closes

Here is the final inked and lettered version of the previous commission pencils.  The bit is from a short story by Ivan Bunin, published in 1925 and usually translated as “The Elagin Affair”.

Window for commissions is closing again.  Deadline job just landed which will require all my focus for the next few weeks.

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Literary Commission

I’m not sure which 19th century novel this sequence is taken from.  But I’m pretty sure it is to be used in some sort of literature class.  Hopefully I’ll know the particulars by the time I post the inked and lettered version.




Here’s one of my first digital sketches on a Cintiq, which is essentially a monitor that is directly drawn on with a stylus.  I’m quite impressed by the natural feel of the whole process and see it as a big improvement on a tablet.

Also impressed by the software I’m trying to teach myself; MANGA STUDIO EX. It offers much better control of the character of the ink line than I’m able to get with Photoshop.  Unfortunately it uses a different set of tools from Photoshop and has a badly translated manual so the learning curve has been steep.



Stones On Tour Again?

Nah.  It’s the ABBA reunion.

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Turtles Of The Apocalypse

Pencils for a recent commission. Homage to the King, of course.

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Abraxas And The Earthman Leggings

Ladies!  Now YOU can look just like the flayed hero of ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN!

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Commission Week Continues

Here’s the inks to the SWAMP THING/ARCANE piece.  As I mentioned yesterday, this is a good time to get in touch if you are interested in an original illustration by me.


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