Bargain Basement

The fixtures may be old and the paint pealing but the deals down here are red hot! Over a lifetime of doing comics I’ve amassed a small room full of comps, usually provided by the nice folks who publish my work. All I really need for myself are a couple sample copies of each so I’ll be putting the extra stock, along with other odd-ball items, down here in the sub-cellar for the true bargain hunters to paw through. Check the King Hell Basement early and often for low priced original art too. You never know what will turn up or how long it will last. Watch the step!


1941: THE ILLUSTRATED STORY This might not qualify as the craziest comic book ever created but I bet it’s in the top ten. It is certifiably the most insane movie adaption ever done. Don’t ask how or why Stephen Spielberg entrusted the graphic novel version of his summer of ’79 blockbuster to underground cartoonists Veitch and Bissette! Buy one before they disappear forever!

64 pages. Full color. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$9.95 plus s&h

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These are the last of the TRUE-MAN shirts, originally printed in 1992 to promote the Tundra MAXIMORTAL series. 100% cotton heavyweight. Still in the bags. Sorry, SOLD OUT!



Here’s a cool thing you’ve probably never seen (or heard). A CD collection of dream songs, written and performed by an eclectic and talented group of New York City songwriters on Medulla Records. That’s the painting for RARE BIT FIENDS #5 on the cover and the booklet inside includes one of my short dream comics. As new in the wrapper.

$6.95 plus s&h

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Vini! Vidi! Veitchie! The Italian language edition of Abraxas And The Earthman which Comma 22 did a gorgeous job on. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$6.95 plus s&h

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