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I Was A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Artist)

Writer too.  Did a boatload of TMNT stuff back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. Here’s a scan of the original art for the cover of an Amazing Heroes that included an interview with me jawboning about it.


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The Flying Dutchman

In 1988 I launched King Hell Press out of an old Airstream travel trailer that I’d gutted and retrofitted as an art studio.   It was a 1950’s era design and manufacture and the original owner had riveted his nickname, The Flying Dutchman, to it’s prow.  It looked like it had circled the country more than a few times. I knocked out a LOT of comics from it’s cramped submarine-like quarters:  BRAT PACK,  MAXIMORTAL, 1963, a bunch of TURTLES stuff, SWAMP THING and who knows what else?

I did this pen and ink of the Dutchman parked under the maple and ash trees where it overlooked the pond. In the window you can see the small stained glass that hung right in front of my writing desk.

I ended up selling the thing to a guy who fixed up old Airstreams as respite spaces for folks who had allergic reactions the the toxic building materials in their homes.


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It’s fun to dig through the flat files looking for something and to stumble on weird stuff stashed away from decades ago.  Here’s a pencil rough for a logo originally conceived for a self-publishing freebie titled GASP! Comics. Hard to find if any still exist but had an outrageous Totleben painted cover.  Memory is haaaazzzzyyyy but I don’t think this particular idea cut the mustard.


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Rorschach Speaks Fluent Veitch

Rorschach1_31Check it out.  They used the Rick Veitch font in Rorschach: Beyond Watchmen. Always cool to see my font in the wild and it looks like a good design choice here.

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Talking Rock


Nature’s glyphs.

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What About The Children?

Recent commission.


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Cobalt 60

BodeNot sure what year this was done but it was before we had computer coloring.  The piece consists of the line work on a transparent sheet with watercolor paper underneath.  I drew and colored it, I think, for Mark Bode and Larry Todd’s Tundra series exploring  Vaughn Bode’s classic character, Cobalt 60.

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Still Breathing!

Yes, I know its been six months since I posted here.  Thanks to all who have emailed asking if I was okay.

Short answer is: I’m fine.

My blogmaster has just gone through updating all the old workings, and I hope to be able to show off some new tricks soon.  In the meantime, here is a pin-up I did for the Baltimore Con celebration of Matt Wagner’s Grendel. Hope you like!


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Xmas In July!

My holiday card last winter.

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