King Hell Casual Wear

Who doesn’t love cool T-Shirts? Encountering a great design on the street can be a transcendent experience. And wearing one can change a person’s life! I certainly enjoy making them and hope to expand my line soon. Here’s what I have in stock at the moment. These shirts are all high quality 100% cotton heavyweights.


THE CLASSIC! Say it with comics! All sizes available!

Price: $19.95


1963: MYSTERY INCORPORATED Another Graphitti Designs warehouse find! Double sided top quality color silkscreen, as new, still in the original bags. That’s Graphitti Designs’ original ad from the 1993 Image comic book. These are also in extremely short supply and available only in LARGE.

Price: $19.95


SNAKEBIT! Fangs can be fun with this outrageous full color silkscreen snake from the cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #5. These are the very last of the Graphitti Designs edition and in short supply. As new in original bags. Available in MEDIUM and LARGE only!

Price: $19.95




Psst! I heard they got discount T-shirts going for under ten bucks down in the Bargain Basement!

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  1. Rick Veitch » Faithful Brush Rag November 12th, 2010 1:59 pm

    […] for a solid decade before pressing it into the service of higher art. Were you to purchase a pristine perfect 1963: MYSTERY INCORPORATED T-Shirt of your own; you’d do the same, I bet. No Comments […]