King Hell Casual Wear

Who doesn’t love cool T-Shirts? Encountering a great design on the street can be a transcendent experience. And wearing one can change a person’s life! I certainly enjoy making them and hope to expand my line soon. Here’s what I have in stock at the moment. These shirts are all high quality 100% cotton heavyweights.


THE CLASSIC! Say it with comics! $19.95 plus s&h

SMALL [wp_cart_button name=”Bratpack T Small” price=”19.95″]

MEDIUM [wp_cart_button name=”Bratpack T Medium” price=”19.95″]

LARGE [wp_cart_button name=”Bratpack T Large” price=”19.95″]

XL[wp_cart_button name=”Bratpack T XL” price=”19.95″]




SNAKEBIT! Fangs can be fun with this outrageous full color silkscreen snake from the cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #5. These are the very last of the Graphitti Designs edition and in short supply. As new in original bags. Available in MEDIUM and LARGE only! $19.95 plus s&h

MEDIUM [wp_cart_button name=”Snake T Medium” price=”19.95″]

LARGE [wp_cart_button name=”Snake T Large” price=”19.95″]




Psst! I heard they got discount T-shirts going for under ten bucks down in the Bargain Basement!

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