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Welcome to my on-line gallery of original comic book art. New pieces are added frequently. Some of them will be complete stories. Feel free to browse. If you have any questions e-mail me.



Here’s a rare GREYSHIRT DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD from the DR. CRESCENDO tale in TOMORROW STORIES #5. It’s a wild multi-dimensional layout as a misunderstood physics genius uses his violin to crack open the multi-verse to Greyshirt. Here are close-ups of each page. Click for even larger versions.

Script by Alan Moore, art by me and lettering on the boards by Todd Klein. Perfect condition. Signed by Rick Veitch.

Price: $450.00





From my last collaboration with Al Williamson, this retro splash page features LOCKJAW and CRYSTAL surrounded by a healthy dose of Kirby Krackle. On Marvel board, condition is perfect. Signed by Rick Veitch.

Price: $350.00



A complete five page story first published In Epic Illustrated in 1981. Written, lettered and fully painted by me on five separate boards, SHIPMATES contains a single continuous background of the story’s narrator, an interstellar ore freighter who’s got some tales to tell. The story was reprinted, complete with a fold-out as originally intended, in the SHINY BEASTS trade paperback. I spent over three months creating this work using pen, ink, watercolor, dyes, colored pencils, collage and airbrush. Each original is 12.5 x 16.5. When displayed together the entire story is over 5 feet wide! Click on the thumb nails to see large scans of each board. This is the only example of my Epic Illustrated painted work currently on the market.

Click on the image above to see a larger version of the complete story digitally sewn together. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger sized scans of the five separate pieces of original art. I want to get $3750 for the complete five page set. That’s probably too much for Paypal to handle, so just e-mail me if you are interested.



If your budget doesn’t allow for this top end stuff, head down to the Bargain Basement. Good chance there will some lower priced pieces from lesser known projects on offer down there.

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