Kartoon Kadoodler

Found this slipped into an old book.  I love the term “kadoodler”.

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THE BIG LIE Makes Top Ten Controversies Of The Year

THE BIG LIE has been named the #6 biggest comic book controversy of 2011 over on Bleeding Cool, edging out all other 9/11 inspired titles such as Frank Miller’s HOLY TERROR and Bosch Fawstin’s THE INFIDEL. Shipping from Image in September, THE BIG LIE was scripted and penciled by me, inked by Gary Erskine, colored by Dominic Regan, lettered by Annie Parkhouse with cover by Thomas Yeates. It was co-edited by Yeates and Brian Romanoff. Eisner judges, please take note.

To celebrate, here’s a piece of pencil art from an earlier version of the story that ended up unused.

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One of the things that has been taking up a lot of my time lately (resulting in less than frequent blog posting) is a cool job for the University of Quebec.  Its an educational comics project, using graphic stories, games and fantasy to engage kids on social issues. Here’s a character sketch from the material.

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Sometimes you pick up the sketchbook, you have no idea what’s going to come out.

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Sperm Shirt Shocker: Balls Not Needed!

It has been brought to our attention that the gender requirements for wearing a SPERM shirt, as detailed in our previous post, are invalid. It appears the design, which parodies the well-known Superman logo, has become a favorite of Hollywood starlets. And who among us is ever going to argue with the likes of fabulous femmes Margot Kidder or Carrie Fisher about their choice in personal apparel?

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You Gotta Have Balls To Wear This T-Shirt

If you are so well-endowed, you can order right here.


Not Slime Mold

Marker in sketchbook from photo.

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Hot Wax

Here’s the recent EP pressing of “We Vibrate” by German punk band, EROTIC DEVICES, with art and lettering by me. These guys have a great driving Ramones flavored sound.

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The Citadel Supreme

Script by Alan Moore.  Art by Rick Veitch.  Lettering by Todd Klein.  Not sure who did the color.


In God We Trust

A nickel I found in the parking lot.  I love how the wear and corrosion abstracts Jefferson’s profile.


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