UNEMPLOYED MAN And Team Hit Wall Street

Photos of UNEMPLOYED MAN cosplay at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are all over the internet. Most off the coverage gets the joke but doesn’t even mention the graphic novel.  Only WIRED connects the dots (but neglects mentioning artists Ramona Fradon, Michael Netzer and myself who drew it). If you haven’t read The Adventures Of Unemployed Man, it’s very funny and very pertinent to today’s headlines.

Here is Betsy Richards and friend hitting the streets as Wonder Mother.  More at WIRED and BLEEDING COOL.

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Abraxas And The Supermodel

Heidi Klum is apparently actively campaigning for the starring role of John Isaac in any film adaption of ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN.


So What Is It With The Furshlugginer Slime Mold?

I can’t explain it.

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Found this in the back of the art files.  It was the color hold for a Swamp Thing cover (my copies not at hand so not sure of the issue number, but it was the Time Travel story set in the old west).  It is a finger-painting.


Another Slimy Moldy One

Playing with textures in the sketchbook.  Based on another photo of slime mold.

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Slimy Moldy Sketch

Sketchbookin’ from a close up photo of a species of slime mold.

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Meeting Promethea At The Station

I make a cameo in one of the Promethea Kaballah issues. Words by Alan Moore, art by J.H. Williams 111 and Mick Gray.

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Smash Hitler

Brother Michael Veitch, who is over in Germany playing music, making art and taking photographs, sends this one from the Munich City Museum. Mike tells me Judy Collins sings one of his songs on her new album.

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Unseen BIG LIE Art

Here’s a fully lettered and colored sample page from my earliest stab at THE BIG LIE.  In this unused version, the demonic face that some claim to see in photos of the attack is the narrator.  Inks by Gary Erskine; script, pencils, lettering and coloring by me.

THE BIG LIE from Image is in stores now.


Midsummer Dream Comix 33

Dream wiki:


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