More Miracleman Goodies

Cory Sedimeier, who is editing the Marvel Miracleman editions, has dug up a treasure trove of archival stuff from the Eclipse archives. He passed along these xerox’s of my pencils on the project. Its wild to see them after 29 years! Here’s pages 11 and 12 from Miracleman #10.

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Bates Inked


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And here are the pencils to my cover for Miracleman #10.  I’ll post some inks tomorrow.

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Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Long time no blog!  Thanks for all the emails wondering if I was okay.  The short answer is yes, I’m better than ever.  I got out of the habit of daily blogging and need to get back into it to share some of the interesting stuff I’ve been doing.

For starts, here are the pencils to my cover for Miracleman #9 just solicited from Marvel.  More soon; I promise hope!


How Low Burns The Lantern?

Inker extraordinaire Shawn Van Briesen has posted a cool blast from my past.  It’s the complete 8 page flashback sequence from SUPREME #49 that he inked over my pencils.  What’s especially cool is that he reproduces my pencils alongside his inks to compare.  We were going for a 70’s look in this particular bit and I think we hit it pretty good!  Script by Alan Moore and lettering by Todd Klein.

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Stones On Tour Again?

Nah.  It’s the ABBA reunion.

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The Halls Of Night

This pin-up from SUPREME #50 is of The Pearl Paragon paying a visit to Professor Night’s Halls Of Night. I don’t think it made it into the Checker collections. My art from an idea by Alan Moore.  Brett Evans provided the color.

I’d like to run some of the parody comics Alan and I did that were in the back of Supreme 52A and 52B. But I don’t have copies. Anyone out there who could provide me with scans?


Rarefied Retro

Here’s the splash page to the GREYSHIRT tale in Tomorrow Stories #5. Script by Alan Moore, pencils and inks by me and lettering (on the board) by Todd Klein. The musical notes in the gutters were pasted up by Todd and are in perfect condition as is the whole piece. I normally get $300 for a GREYSHIRT splash like this but for Retro Week I’m willing to take $275. E-mail me if you are interested.

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Rippling Retro

This is an 8 x 10″ character sketch from when Alan Moore was reinventing the Awesome Universe. I normally get $100 apiece for these, but during Retro Week it can be yours for $85 plus shipping. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested.

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Raffish Retro

This is the last splash page I have from the Tomorrow Stories GREYSHIRT stuff. This is from the crossover with COBWEB and appeared in issue #12. Script by Alan Moore, pencils by me, inks by Hilary Barta and lettering (on the board) by Todd Klein. I’d normally ask $300 for a splash but in honor of Retro Week here on the blog I’m offering this piece, in perfect condition, for $275. If you’d like it just send me an e-mail.

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