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I broke into the business through Marvel’s Epic imprint at a time when they still offered very fair creator-ownership contracts. Unlike most young artists in comics, I never signed away my early major works and in 1989 King Hell Press was launched to self-publish that material. A co-publishing deal with Tundra further fattened my portfolio followed by a long run of self published dream comics. Here’s the fruit of those lucky breaks: nine collections of my major works, scanned from the original art, published in reasonably priced trade paperback editions. A collection of my Underground Comix titled BONG! is currently in the works.

I charge list price for these books, but sign every copy I sell direct to you. I’m totally cool with it if you’d rather shop for unsigned copies at a discount. Here’s a link to my author’s page over on Amazon (where you can also track down my major work for other publishers, such as Swamp Thing, Greyshirt, Can’t Get No or Army@Love.) NOTE: Paypal will automatically calculate shipping as USPS Priority Mail. International shipments can be pretty pricey that way.  If you are from outside the US and want me to calculate a cheaper option just email.


BRAT PACK The great and notorious grandaddy of twisted superheroes is back in print in a new remastered edition with new cover! Rick Veitch’s fierce and darkly comic dissection of the hoary old ‘kid sidekick’ genre is as harrowing as it is hilarious; subversively subtle and completely over the top. BRAT PACK is an edgy and unforgettable dance macabre that is a must for every graphic novel collection.

Heidi MacDonald, The BEAT “For those not familiar with it, BRAT PACK completes the troika of immortal works dissecting the superhero genre, with the other two being DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN. Indeed, for those brave readers looking for a follow-up to WATCHMEN, BRAT PACK could be just the thing. We were flipping through a copy the other day, and it’s just as disturbing and horrific as it ever was.”


You can download the complete first issue free.

176 pages. Fourth Edition with introduction by Neil Gaiman. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$19.95 plus s&h

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THE ONE At the height of the cold war, a madman tricks the United States and the Soviet Union into launching their missiles and super-hero agents against each other. But instead of nuclear Armageddon, the act releases the secret cosmic potential of the human race. It was twenty years ago today that Rick Veitch took a bucketful of nuclear fear, added a healthy dollop of New Age mysticism, and served up a comic book super-hero series like no one had ever seen before. Written and drawn at the height of the final showdown between American style capitalism and Soviet era communism, The One spins an outrageous doomsday scenario that has proven even more relevant to today’s ongoing global crisis. The One begins with the United States and the Soviet Union pushed into World War III by a certain blonde billionaire who has figured out how to turn a profit from a limited nuclear exchange. But the threat of Armageddon awakens a mysterious force in the human race that disarms the missiles and sets the world on a high-speed collision course with evolution. Finding themselves stripped of their atomic arsenals, both the American and Russian governments unleash top secret super-soldier projects to wage hand to hand combat against each other. The ensuing “Superior War” makes nuclear weapons seem like mere child’s play.

176 Pages. Second King Hell Edition with introduction by Alan Moore. Signed by Rick Veitch.




THE MAXIMORTAL A classic Eisner Nominated graphic novel that marries the larcenous history of the comics business to the outrageous themes and characters from BRAT PACK. One of the most startling and uncompromising visions of the superhero archetype ever put to paper. Also includes an expanded and updated “Curse of the Superman” essay by Veitch.

Publishers Weekly (starred review):Equal parts heart-wrenching and horrifying, this superhero deconstruction is both a gripping tale for graphic novel enthusiasts and a perfect starting point for those new to the medium. Veitch tackles the daunting task of examining the alchemy of ideas that simply must exist in order to make their way into the collective human experience. In doing so, he presents the painful cautionary story of two nave young men who create a superhero named ‘True-Man,’ only to see the creation lead to their own artistic and spiritual ruin. Veitch offers a warped view of the real story of Superman’s creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, adding a dark, violent examination of what a real superbaby from another planet might be like. The narrative’s driving force is this unnatural entity, whose attributes are godlike yet devastating (in one sequence, the military struggles to put this nightmarish creature to use as an ultimate weapon, adding a startling wrinkle to the tragedy of Hiroshima). Meanwhile, the Siegel and Shuster surrogates suffer indignities of both a creative and financial nature at the hands of an all-too-human monster: their publisher. Veitch’s art is powerful and even occasionally gruesome. With its depth of both art and storytelling, this is a comics counterpoint to The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay: it’s strong stuff that looks into the history of comics in America and finds an abyss.

Read a six page preview.

196 pages. Second King Hell Edition.
Signed by Rick Veitch.




ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN Rick Veitch’s unforgettable 8-part EPIC MAGAZINE series is finally collected as one mind-bending full color graphic novel! Abducted from earth by space whalers, Cetologist John Isaac endures physical and spiritual mutation at the hand of the mad captain Rotwang. Pressed into the hunt for a monstrous red-horned whale, Isaac finds his own destiny in the belly of Abraxas.

Publishers Weekly (starred review): “This first collected edition of the seminal graphic novel published in serial form during the early 1980s brings a powerful psychedelic journey into print. Veitch (The Maximortal; Can’t Get No) astounds with a heartfelt tale that is equal parts Herman Melville, consciousness expansion, environmental treatise and gripping sci-fi adventure replete with space battles and all manner of exotic extraterrestrials. The story follows cetologist John Isaac, who is shanghaied from a naval research mission, along with the submarine’s commanding officer. The pair is thrust into the thick of mad Captain Rotwang’s interstellar vendetta against Abraxas, a space-faring crimson leviathan who cost the captain his leg and, arguably, much of his sanity. As both earthmen are put through horrific physical alterations, Isaac discovers to his shock — and dawning fascination — that he may be the nexus between humanity and a great cosmic truth of staggering proportions. A lush and thought-proving narrative is seamlessly expressed through a script that veers between extremes of wide-eyed wonder and outright horror. The febrile illustrations disgust — Isaac loses his skin early on — without losing the essential humanity of this powerful tale.

88 pages. Full color. First King Hell Edition. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$16.95 plus s&h

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SHINY BEASTS A spell-binding showcase of Rick Veitch’s innovative EPIC Magazine stories that seared the minds of a generation of Marvelites. These nine fully-painted fantasy shorts create unimagined worlds that entertain, enlighten and shock. Completely remastered from the original art, this deluxe companion volume to ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN also includes: “Love Doesn’t Last Forever” (written by Alan Moore) and “Monkey See” (with S.R. Bissette).

Publishers Weekly: ‘Veitch has led one of the more idiosyncratic careers in comics in the past 30 years. Both small publisher and mainstream writer (most recently of the brilliant war comic, Army @Love), Veitch’s obsessions and anxieties manifest themselves in multiple formats, though always with a surreal, dark tinge. This new collection compiles his earliest work for anthologies including Heavy Metal and Epic, complemented by a fun, discursive little memoir. Here are stories of futuristic humans slaughtering wildlife, of alien disease epidemics and final frontier affairs. Veitch, then as now, has a keen moral conscience, and rarely does a story go by without some kind of lesson to be learned, particularly regarding what he sees as the craven behavior of human beings. These stories are prime examples of late 1970s/early 1980s dark science fiction, and Veitch’s artwork is as good as it’s ever been. Period-style airbrush-work elevates these tales above their pulp sources to pop psychedelia, as characters and aliens take visionary trips through what appears to be Veitch’s own interior spaces. While the material itself may be dated, the presentation is not, and Shiny Beasts presents a fairly compelling portrait of a young artist.

96 pages. Full color. First King Hell Edition. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$16.95 plus s&h

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HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES Collecting Rick Veitch’s long out-of-print 1984 Marvel Graphic Novel “HEARTBURST” with three little seen romance-themed short stories, including the highly acclaimed “MIRROR OF LOVE” by Alan Moore, S.R. Bissette and Veitch. HEARTBURST, a groundbreaking sci-fi coming-of-age romance, is completely remastered from the original art, and includes never before seen color character sketches from the original proposal. Two short stories, UNDERPASS and TRY TO REMEMBER appear in full color for the first time anywhere. Includes the original version of MIRROR OF LOVE by Alan Moore, Rick Veitch and S.R. Bissette. A companion volume to ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN and SHINY BEASTS, HEARTBURST is the third and final in a series of King Hell collections covering Veitch’s fully-painted EPIC work.

76 Pages. First King Hell Edition. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$16.95 plus s&h

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CRYPTO ZOO Forty years ago, Rick Veitch was a young man on the verge. Physically and emotionally exhausted from a wild and misspent youth, he’d fallen into a deep depression. Unable even to get out of bed, Veitch experienced a series of dreams that were so overwhelmingly powerful and rich in archetypal content, he was compelled to write them down in detail. Instinctively using the raw material from his own unconscious as a guide, Veitch worked his way out of depression and found the path he needed to realize his life goal of becoming an artist. Decades later, as a well known cartoonist and dreamworker, he revisited these early dream journals, illustrating them as chapters in a graphic novel for his Eisner-nominated comic series, Rare Bit Fiends. Collected for the first time in book form, Crypto Zoo is a deeply personal, harrowing and ultimately life affirming triumph of comic art that places the reader inside the maelstrom of what Carl Jung called a “confrontation with the unconscious.”

Rain Taxi: Veitch marries the clarity of graphic storytelling to the nonlinear, heavily iconic narratives of the oneiric mindset—a winning combination, since the grammar of comics is uniquely suited to the recounting of dreams. It’s a better medium than just words, just images, or even the word-image art form of film, because comics allows for the simultaneous presentation of dialogue, thought, and exposition. the result is an unusual and intriguing graphic novel. This partly, of course, derives from his particular skills and inclinations as an artist—without question the surrealistic impulses and penchant for nonlinear narrative we’ve found in Can’t Get No find a natural home in dream telling—but the comics here are also well informed by Veitch’s reading in archetypal psychology, which seems to have offered an enabling theoretical background for his thinking about the framework of relating dreams; in the book’s introduction he talks, for example, about deciding how to render the “sacred landscape” in which his dreaming self seems to exist. Whatever the cause, the effect is an art full of sharp and interesting edges—perhaps more fascinating for its formal delight than for the personal mythology it excavates, but fascinating nonetheless

152 pages. First King Hell Edition. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$17.95 plus s&h

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POCKET UNIVERSE Rick Veitch is a cartoonist well known for cutting to the quick, and his ground breaking dream comic, Rare Bit Fiends, continues to entertain and intrigue readers regularly with some of the most personal and revelatory panel art being published today. Now, in this second Rare Bit Fiends Trade Paperback Collection, he gets you so close to the quick you can just about touch it! Welcome to POCKET UNIVERSE, in which Veitch combines the ultimate in post-modern storytelling with his bravura crowquill and ink illustrations to recreate the deepest levels of dreaming as a startling and subtle set-piece of sensational psycho-art. Building on the drumbeat one-page dreams from last year’s companion volume, RABID EYE, Veitch composes a single sweeping mindscape that carries the reader along hypnotically, unfolding through the vistas of the unconscious with all the magic and mystery of dreaming itself. Are art and life one? Enter Rick Veitch’s POCKET UNIVERSE and learn the simple truth! Includes the Afterward: IT’S NOT WHERE IT’S GOING, IT’S WHERE IT’S COMING FROM, Confessions Of A Dream Artist by Rick Veitch

96 pages. First King Hell Edition. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$12.95 plus s&h

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RABID EYE : THE DREAM ART OF RICK VEITCH concentrates The World’s Most Overworked Cartoonist’s chaotically complex uncorking of the collective unconscious in a single crypto-autobiographical collection of comics! Downloading this juicy gigabit of the Roarin’ One’s dream life, as recorded in the first eight issues of RARE BIT FIENDS, takes readers on a multidimensional mind-mulching roller coaster ride of panel art after which they’ll never think of dreaming (or comics) in quite the same way again! Also included is the absolutely essential UNDERSTANDING RARE BIT FIENDS from Issue #12; an enlightening explanatory trip through the history, science and magic of dreaming as well as Veitch’s unique and personal perspective on the nature and importance of the dream function.

200 pages. First King Hell Edition. Introduction by Jeremy Taylor. Signed by Rick Veitch.

$14.95 plus s&h

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