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Retro Is My Middle Name


Another character design for Alan Moore’s imagining of the Awesome Universe. Pen and ink. 1999

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We Who Ply The Inky Trade


Those are my blurry young fingers inking a panel from ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN back in 1982.

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Truth, Justice And…


In honor of a federal court restoring a small piece of SUPERMAN’s ownership back to the heirs of Jerry Siegel, here’s a shot from THE MAXIMORTAL. You can learn more about my fictionalized version of the creation of the world’s greatest superhero, read an excerpt, or even order a signed copy, by clicking on the blinking covers over there on the sidebar.

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Characterz #4


I like how a lot of these illustrations came out. There’s something about working direct-to-sketchbook without penciling that frees the finished piece from the photo reference.

I gotta be in the right mood to make it work though.

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Commission piece of Swamp Thing’s nemesis, Arcane. Pen and ink. 2005

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No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition!


The fourth printing of BRAT PACK has sold out at the publisher. Diamond has only 22 copies in inventory as of this morning so if you want one, you better grab it quick. We’ll be announcing exciting new publishing plans for my venerable best-selling title very soon.

In the meantime, here’s the cover to Norma Editorial’s Spanish language edition. You can even order a copy here.

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Characterz #3


Another direct-to-sketchbook-from-photo.

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My First Dream Comic?


When I was going through my old SGT. ROCK work, done while I was a student at Kubert School, I found this interesting panel. It’s from a two page story I wrote, drew, lettered and (I think) colored in 1978 which saw publication the next year in SGT. ROCK #333.

It tells the story of how a young German corporal, fighting in the trenches in World War 1, experienced a suffocating nightmare of being buried in mud. He woke up in terror and ran from the trench moments before an incoming artillery round landed right on top of his platoon, killing all except the corporal. The corporal was Adolf Hitler who, in his memoirs, claimed the story was true.

I think this might be my first ever dream comic.

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Ends Of The Earth


Tattoo design. Pen and ink. 1994

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Characterz #2


Another photo-inspired, direct to sketchbook, Pentel drawing.

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