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Would Walt Approve?


Full review at You can order Army@Love Vol 1: The Hot Zone Club from PanelTo

And be sure to preorder Army@Love Vol 2: Generation Pwned in the June Diamond Previews.

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Tanks For The Memories


A panel sequence from one of my earliest professional jobs; “DEAD RECKONING”. Script by Robert Kanigher. Art and lettering Rick Veitch. Published in SGT. ROCK #332, September 1979.

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Characterz #1


Sometimes I’ll see a photo of a character I like and draw it directly in a fine marker, without penciling, in whatever sketchbook I’m working in. They don’t all come out as good as this one did.

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Happy Birthday, Al Williamson!


Friday, March 21st, is the 77th birthday of one of my favorite people: Al Williamson. This is a print of Al’s that I hand colored with dyes, colored pencil and collage in 1979 as a sample to show Western Publishing. Our hope was to get them to spring for hand painted color on Al’s adaption of the FLASH GORDON movie. But Western ultimately decided to go with regular comic book coloring.

Al’s legions of fans will be excited to hear about Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon, A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic, a complete collection of Al’s FLASH GORDON work, much of it shot from the original art. It’s coming from Flesk Publications in late 2008 with text by Mark Schultz and an introduction by Sergio Aragones.

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I’m An Unabashed Retrovert


Character design for Alan Moore series. Pen and ink. 1999.

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Certain Panels Stick With You


Pen and ink, 1996. From a dream I had in 1974.

To read the whole dream, click on the blinky covers over there to order a signed copy of CRYPTO ZOO.

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Hell Breaks Loose #4


Collage. 2005

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor


The back cover of MYSTERY INCORPORATED which was the first issue of Image’s 1963. Script by Rick Veitch, 1993.

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Tattoo You


Tattoo design. Pen and ink. 1994

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Army@Love: Naked


What with Cory Doctrow’s nice review of Army@Love: The Hot Zone Club over at sending a whole crop of new viewers here, it’s the perfect time to show everyone what’s on my drawing board right now.

This is page 9 of the pencils to Army@Love: The Art Of War #2, which will start soliciting in a few months for late summer ship. Gary Erskine will be providing the inks.

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