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Front And Back


Here’s an oddball I found in the files. This is a toy design for a line of Dungeons And Dragons figures. Tim Truman, who was working for TSR in the early 1980’s, organized a bunch of us Kubert School alumni to set up in a hotel room in New Jersey over a weekend and pound out scads of designs. Looks like Timbo added the circular graphic and notes to this presentation piece.

I’ve got the toy of this guy somewhere. I’ll try to dig it out and post a pic of it here on the blog.

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Bissette Slashes Veitch


Found this one in COMIC BOOK REBELS, a collection of cartoonist interviews by Stanley Wiater and Stephen R. Bissette, published by Donald Fine in 1993. Bissette drew a bunch of portraits for the book in his patented brush style and here’s how he caught me. The printed pic is only one square inch so I’ve blown it up here to bring out the mad slasher effect for which Steve is so rightly famous. Was there ever an artist who’s work was more perfectly suited to horror comics?

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Higher Ground


This cover to the original GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET mini-series was done by me the week after 9/11. You can order the whole 196 page trade paperback collection from my friends over at

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Les Tortues Ninja


Back in the early 1990’s, I wrote and drew a bunch of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE comics which I thought were long out of print. Now my favorite on-line retailer,, has unearthed a good supply of some of that material.

They’ve got copies of the hard to find TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Collected Volume #6, “THE RIVER” which collects in trade paperback my graphic novel which was serialized in issues #24, 25 and 26 of the TURTLES black and white comic book.

They also have signed sets of the even harder to find two issue CASEY JONES mini-series, “NORTH BY DOWNEAST”, written and penciled by me with inks by Kevin Eastman, colors by Steve Lavigne and covers by John Totleben.

The above image features the monster from THE RIVER, scanned from the 1992 French language edition published by Comics USA/Glenat. Please note the versions is offering are in English.

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Warning Sign


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The way Alan Moore and I worked, when we created these characters for his Awesome Universe reboot, was via the phone. He’d have a bunch of ideas; some well thought out and others still in a raw state, which he’d describe to me. I’d start sketching as we spoke, throwing in ideas as they came to me. Since almost all the characters were knock-offs of existing golden and silver age icons, the trick was to catch the flavor of the original while adding some new and interesting angle; be it a different costume or power or hairstyle or whatever.

For this guy, Alan didn’t have anything solid in mind except that he wanted a PLASTIC MAN type. I suggested that, since these characters were supposed to have originated in the early 1960’s, we could base his stretching powers on the polymer industry, which during that era was mixing up new molecular structures to create exotic plastics and “space-age” materials. POLYMAN was the natural name and his costume design was based on a molecular grid.

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Howdy Doodle


Another mindless doodle; this one straight from the deepest, darkest pit in the Id circa 2003. Looks like I was using some sort of brush marker.

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Sim Immortalizes Veitch


A page from CEREBUS #204, in which I battle BACCHUS for the aardvark’s soul. Dave Sim writes, while penciling and inking the figures and lettering CEREBUS’ speech balloons. Gerhard pencils and inks backgrounds. I helped out by lettering my character. 1996.

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Characterz #7


Another one of my spontaneous-from-photo exercises in a sketchbook, circa 2004. Kinda’ scary, huh?

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Pwned Pencils


Looks like some blog readers have been taking advantage if Amazon’s incredibly cheap pre-order pricing on ARMY@LOVE: GENERATION PWNED. The title has been moving up their charts in the last few days, which is good news. Not sure how long the deal will last but right now you can reserve your copy for under $10.

Here’s another page of pencils from the original run; Army@Love #11 page 11. Those little notes in the margins are bits of dialogue that comes to me while I’m pencilling.

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