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Heartburst In My Hot Little Hands!


There’s no joy quite like getting the first printed and bound copies of your new book back from the printer and finding it flawless. Conversely, there is no pain quite like opening the box to discover a botched print job.

I’ve just received my first copies of HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES, and I’m delighted to report the fine folks at Oceanic Graphic Printing have turned in another jewel. Color, binding, varnish, paper, everything is on a par with both ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN and SHINY BEASTS. So I’m a happy guy today.

HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES is the third and final collection of my EPIC Illustrated period. The meat of the book is a remastered version of my 1984 graphic novel, HEARTBURST. The “other pleasures” are a half dozen short stories, including the original “THE MIRROR OF LOVE”, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by myself and Steve Bissette.

The book should be hitting stores in mid-May. If you haven’t ordered your copy, Amazon has a great pre-order discount offer that can get you a copy for less than $11.

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