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We Were Zombie Before Zombie Was Cool


Zombies are all the rage in film and comics these days, so I thought it might be a good time to revisit my first published comic book, TWO-FISTED ZOMBIES! The loathsome thing was printed in 1973 so there might still be copies floating around in back issue bins (if the pulp hasn’t deteriorated like the skin on a rotting corpse). Don’t start eating brains if you can’t find one; I’m planning to include this baby in King Hell’s 2009 release BONG! THE LOST COMIX with a lot of other rare and unseen underground stuff.

Brother Tom Veitch wrote and lettered this feast of the living dead as well as providing the hand color separations for this cover. I was 21 when I drew it all in Rapidograph.

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Retrograde Personality


More retro-cowboy character development for Alan Moore’s Awesome Universe upgrade. Pen and ink. 1998.

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