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New Jack City


Yesterday I received the latest issue of my favorite magazine, THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR. This one’s a special double sized 50th issue titled “KIRBY FIVE-O”. The nice folks at Two Morrows have kept me on the comp list since they launched so I’d like to give them a shout out and my highest recommendation.

I’m interviewed in the new issue as one of the “50 ARTISTS MOST INFLUENCED BY JACK KIRBY” with mention being made of NEW JACK CITY from SUPREME #6. That particular story was a tribute to Jack written by Alan Moore, lettered by Todd Klein with the art supposed to be a collaboration between myself, doing the Kirbyesque stuff and Chris Sprouse, doing the SUPREME figures. Like pretty much everything associated with Awesome Comics, it turned into a cluster-fuck, with Rob Liefeld inking my lightly laid out SUPREME figures then murdering the final two pages. I never got my originals back for this job either, so if anyone out there sees them for sale please let me know immediately.

As I mentioned earlier on this blog, I can’t honestly recommend the CHECKER collections of Alan’s SUPREME run. The work is amazing but the CHECKER reproduction is unbelievably bad and Alan’s story is left unfinished. None of the creators, except presumably Liefeld, have received any royalties from these editions.

The best way to read Alan’s SUPREME is to pick it up on the back issue market. Check out the quarter boxes when you’re down at the comic book store buying THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #50!

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