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Panel To Panel Offers HEARTBURST With Exclusive Signed Print!


Without a local bricks and mortar comic book store within fifty miles, I depend on John Rovnak’s to buy most of my comics these days. John operates his on-line shop like it was a local comic book emporium, offering a wide selection of the good stuff at great prices with many cool exclusives you can’t find anywhere else.

He’s moved a ton of recent King Hell releases by adding a little sweetener to each book. For instance, you can get ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN with an exclusive bookplate signed by me or a copy of SHINY BEASTS with an exclusive bookplate signed by me, Alan Moore, and Steve Bissette. And now, to complete the trilogy of my EPIC era stuff, PanelToPanel announces HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES with an exclusive signed color print as seen above.

John’s also got just about everything I’ve ever done in stock, including the out-of-print and hard-to-find BRAT PACK and THE RIVER. Check ’em out!

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