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We Wuz Steampunk Before Steampunk Wuz Cool


These days, Steampunk is all the rage in fashion and sci/fi, so it’s only fair to showcase my own work in the genre, accomplished back in 1995. Above is the opening page of TEKNOPHAGE #1, written by me, pencilled by Bryan Talbot, inked and colored by Angus McKie and lettered by Todd Klein. The series was published by Tekno Comics and based on a character created by Neil Gaiman.

The first six issues of the title form a stand-alone graphic novel but, with Tekno Comics long defunct, the material has never been collected. Neil, Bryan and Angus are all keen on the idea of getting TEKNOPHAGE back in print and I’d love to do it as a King Hell book. Anybody out there know who controls the rights?

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