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The Books You Read In Dreams


Dream, marker in sketchbook, 1998.

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Viva Depressa! Ame Demais! Morra Vestindo Sua Mascara!


That’s LIVE FAST! LOVE HARD! DIE WITH YOUR MASK ON! in Portugese. And the cover above is from the new Brazilian edition of BRAT PACK from the good folks at HQ MANIACS. They’ve done a lovely job on their edition, choosing to scale it slightly smaller than the King Hell editions, with nice cover flaps and really cool spot varnishing on the cover too. They’ve included a color section with some of the original cover art and a guide to some of the references I made in comic itself.

This is BRAT PACK news, but its not the big BRAT PACK news I promised last week. Stay tuned.

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