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Family Reunion


I come from a big Catholic family, with six wildly creative kids. We ended up in different corners of the world in the 1970’s, so when we finally got back together for a complete sibling reunion in the early 1980’s it seemed appropriate to create a commemorative T-Shirt of the event.

I based the design on the infamous “Pep Boys’ logo, expanding Manny, Moe and Jack out to all six of us. That’s younger brother Mike on the top left, me at top center, younger brother Pete at top right. Older brother Rob on the lower left, oldest brother Tom bottom center and older sister Wendy at bottom right.

The image here is way skewed since I glued my last remaining shirt onto the cover of one of my sketchbooks and didn’t quite get it on there straight. Silkscreen on cotton, 1982.

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