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Hey, Kids— MORE Free Comics!


When I was discussing putting up a link to WNET’s free NATURE Comics with editor David Reisman, he mentioned that there was another link to another science comic I worked on for those guys. Here’s the splash page to “The Secret Life Of The Brain”, a five pager that is included as part of a study guide meant to expand on the PBS mini-series of the same name, produced by David Grubin.  The adaption is scripted by Mark Evanier, with me on pencils and inks and boasts a drop dead gorgeous lettering job by Todd Klein.

David thought they were out of the printed copies, so to get the free comic you just download the study guide as a pdf.

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Such Fragile Gems As These


Alan Moore fans (and we know there are a bazillion of you out there) take note. A long lost short story, written by Alan and illustrated by Steve Bissette and myself back in 1988, is finally available again. Originally done to raise awareness of England’s notorious Clause 28, THE MIRROR OF LOVE only appeared once, in Alan’s self published ARRGH (Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia).

Little known outside of England and long out of print, THE MIRROR OF LOVE is now included in King Hell’s HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES, which should have hit your local comics emporium in the last week or two. If you missed getting a copy, fear not– the good folks at are offering HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES with an exclusive signed print.

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