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On The Board: The Art Of War


Here’s a sneak peak at a just-finished page of pencils to ARMY@LOVE: THE ART OF WAR #3. Can’t wait to see what Gary Erskine does with the inks. The new mini-series gets its initial solicitation in this month’s PREVIEWS, so don’t forget to check the box on the order form. As I mentioned in an earlier post, sales of ARMY@LOVE have been climbing, with the relist of the first trade coming in at 20% higher than the initial release. If this upward trend continues then there is a possibility Vertigo will opt to let me continue doing more min-series and collections. So if you are a fan of ARMY@LOVE, and want the sex, satire and mayhem to keep on coming, feel free to evangelize to friends and strangers alike.

Speaking of evangelizing, the ultra-hip culture magazine, TRESPASS, is running an extended excerpt of ARMY@LOVE in their latest “comics” themed issue. There’s also a new interview with Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbi on their LOST GIRLS graphic novel. More info here.

And Columbia University librarian Karen Green has just written a right-on-the-money piece about the literary roots and inspirations of ARMY@LOVE over on her ADVENTURES IN ACADEMIA column at

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You Deserve A Break Today


Full review: The Concrete Tomb Of Hradzka.

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