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What, Me Jury?

When I was just finishing THE ONE mini-series, I played around with a bizarre mash-up of DIRTY HARRY (who was all the rage) and DICK TRACY that was tentatively titled “WHAT, ME JURY?” hoping to pitch it as my next creator-owned project. Can’t remember all the details, but I think HARRY policed a city filled with a mix of fictional characters from all across the pop cult spectrum and historical figures. His partner was Edgar Allen Poe. The idea got dropped when I took over as penciller on SWAMP THING. Pen and ink, 1985.

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Devil Doodlesaur

A devilish direct-from-the-id doodle. Gel pen on black paper, 1994.

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Tekno Dreams

Ed Polgardy was my editor at Tekno Comics. This ROAD BIT dream comic is from 1994, when I was working on TEKNOPHAGE. Marker in sketchbook.

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Soft Job

Here’s a page from an early story I wrote and drew for SGT. ROCK SPECTACULAR #13 while at Kubert School. It concerned the use of “battle police” by the British military during World War One to ensure their troops would follow orders.

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Power Lines

Marker in sketchbook, 1996.

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Wallowing In Retro


Another in the seemingly endless series of retro characters Alan Moore and I worked up during his run at Awesome. Pen and ink, 1998.

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Scout’s Honor


Haven’t heard a peep from goombah, Tim Truman or publisher, Dynamite Comics, but it appears the second SCOUT collection has been released and it includes SCOUT #15, the issue I penciled, Steve Bissette inked and Tim wrote back in 1986. Hopefully they’ll send me a comp copy. You can get yours from good ol’, natch.

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40 Years Young


Man, I felt so old when I turned forty. Now that I’m 57, forty seems like the prime of youth! This portrait of me is by Ceil Walcott, an accomplished painter who had worked on a daily comic strip titled “Yak A Day”, in England before the Second World War. She was in her 80’s when she nailed me with these few simple lines.

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Stick To Your Ribs



You can snag a copy, with an exclusively cool signed print, from the good folks at

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Tundra Spelled Backwards Is…


Here’s a sick one from the back of the flat files! The story behind it (if memory serves after all these years) is part of the wild creative ferment that went on at Tundra before that publishing endeavor went so famously bust. It was the age of the 24 HOUR COMIC, remember, and there were plenty of other mad strips being scratched out for the sheer hell of it.

ARDNUT was a character created by Paul Jenkins who, in his life before becoming an Eisner Award winning writer for Marvel, was production chief at Tundra. Paul (or Pud as we called him) started doing strange little ARDNUT strips and others followed, fleshing out the character in all possible directions. Here’s mine, based upon a real kid I knew growing up. It was done with no pencils, marker on typing paper; probably executed during some boring meeting in 1992.

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