Certain Pages Stick With You


Here’s one of my favorite pages from SWAMP THING. It’s from #37, the issue in which ABBY and ALEC first meet JOHN CONSTANTINE. For that whole issue, SWAMP THING is pretty much a head of cabbage, growing out of the ground. On this page, writer Alan Moore was looking for a way to show SWAMPY existing both in the reality of the forest and the mystical realm of The Green and this layout was my solution.

Inker John Totleben knocked my pencils out of the park, of course, with his insanely detailed and truly creepy organic textures. If I remember correctly, there was supposed to be even more Totleben detail added with a color surprint which for some reason didn’t make it into the final book. But it still came out pretty darn good. Script, Alan Moore. Pencils, Rick Veitch. Inks, John Totleben. Lettering, John Costanza. Color by Tatjana Wood. Editor, Karen Berger. 1985.

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