Future Retro


The above is a character/concept sketch for an idea Alan Moore and I were toying with back in 1998. We were still doing SUPREME, but it was obvious that the publisher was on the verge of collapse. Alan and I had been so happy doing our Jack Kirby tribute, “NEW JACK CITY”, that we started playing with a new, possibly creator-owned, series pitch based on my faux-Kirby style.

I don’t think we had a title, but the high concept was to imagine the galaxy as Jack might of if he’d been around to read some of Alan’s favorite futurist thinkers (who’s names escape me ten years after the fact). Historically, this up-to-now unseen work fits in between Alan’s work for Awesome and America’s Best Comics.

I’ll be running more of these sketches in the upcoming days. This fellow is THE STEERSMAN AT THE HELM. Pencil on board, 1998.

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