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Tundra Spelled Backwards Is…


Here’s a sick one from the back of the flat files! The story behind it (if memory serves after all these years) is part of the wild creative ferment that went on at Tundra before that publishing endeavor went so famously bust. It was the age of the 24 HOUR COMIC, remember, and there were plenty of other mad strips being scratched out for the sheer hell of it.

ARDNUT was a character created by Paul Jenkins who, in his life before becoming an Eisner Award winning writer for Marvel, was production chief at Tundra. Paul (or Pud as we called him) started doing strange little ARDNUT strips and others followed, fleshing out the character in all possible directions. Here’s mine, based upon a real kid I knew growing up. It was done with no pencils, marker on typing paper; probably executed during some boring meeting in 1992.

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