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Dear Abby


I miss you and Alec. Hope you are both doing well in the swamp. This is a pen and ink commission I did of you back in 1999. Hope you like.


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A Hot Summer Day, A Mountain Lake…


Brush pen in sketchbook. 1996.

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Certain Sequences Stick With You


Time for a little color after all those pencil sketches, I think. This page from ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN has always been a favorite of mine. In the story, mad CAPTAIN ROTWANG is on the way to the whale planet, KALIGHOUL, to kill the great horned red that took his leg. He meets up with another ship, the Ymir, helmed by CAPTAIN DOLPHIN, just leaving the planet after a devastating encounter with ABRAXAS himself. Not a lot of action here, but some nice foreboding.

If you desire a signed copy of the remastered King Hell edition of ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN (and who doesn’t?) my on-line store is just a click away…

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Brave Ulysses


In this final character sketch we see what would have been the lead hero for Alan’s and my unnamed Kirby thingy. Don’t remember much about him although he might have been a futurized version of the USA character from our 1963 title, TALES OF THE UNCANNY. Pencil, 1998.

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Channeling Jack


Can’t remember if Alan saw THE SPOOK as a good guy or bad guy. Pencil 1998.

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Ridin’ With The King


More concept art from my and Alan Moore’s untitled Kirby pastiche. This is THUNDERLAND, which I think was helmed by the big headed STEERSMAN I posted a few days ago.

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Life Imitates Art Again


If you’ve been reading ARMY@LOVE, you’re probably aware that one plotline has the military rebranding the war by hiring marketing executives from the “Polka Cola” company. Sounds like more wacky Veitch-like satire, right? Well check out this article in today’s NYTIMES, reporting that NATO is launching a marketing initiative to rebrand itself. And its hired a Coca Cola executive to lead the effort!

I thought I was making this stuff up, folks!

Also: I just received my comp copies of the second trade, ARMY@LOVE: GENERATION PWNED and it looks great! Not sure of the exact shipping schedule, but it should be hitting stores in the next week or two.

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Ahh Jack, We Hardly Knew Ye


Another character sketch for the unnamed Kirby pastiche Alan Moore and I were toying with ten years ago. Can’t remember all the details on this guy, but I think he was one of an army of patriotic androids that a human character would inhabit (think Captain America meets Doctor Bedlam). I kind of like the way the star mask works. Pencil, 1998.

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The Jack Kirby Memorial Intergalactic Cloverleaf


As we played around with ideas and concepts, Alan suggested a grouping of worm-holes forming a dimensional doorway through which any part of the galaxy could be accessed. This is how I saw ZOOM STREET (using Kirby-Vision). Pencil, 1998.

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From the review of “CAN’T GET NO” on Shabbir’s Diary.

Haven’t read it yet?

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