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Steve Gerber And The Self

I probably should have posted this a couple months back when Steve Gerber passed away, since it’s a page from the only time we got to work together. It was an odd, once-in-a-lifetime situation because SUPERMAN was about to rebooted completely by John Byrne and some of the titles the character appeared in were ending, including DC COMICS PRESENTS. Steve was given carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with the old mythos and Julie Schwartz called me to pencil the double sized issue, probably on the strength of the SUPERMAN-SWAMP THING team-up I’d drawn a couple issues earlier.

Steve had real problems turning in the script and I basically had to hack out my part of it to keep the book on schedule, so I was never too proud of the final product. What was interesting to me though, was the “Self” symbolism that Steve wrote into the story. As an old Jungian, I immediately recognized the philosophical underpinnings Gerber built his story on, so maybe I was a good choice for this particular story. Rereading it now, it seems to me that Steve was writing from the deepest part of his gut while doing this one.

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