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The Secrets Of Alan’s Brain

Above: a dream from RARE BIT FIENDS. Below: an introduction I recently wrote to an Italian reissue of Alan Moore’s WRITING FOR COMICS.

The Secrets Of Alan’s Brain
By Rick Veitch

Let’s face it. The odds are vanishingly small that you, or anyone else picking up this book, needs any kind of introduction to Alan Moore. It’s a foregone conclusion that you’ve already devoured every comic of Alan’s that you could get your mitts on and probably had your life changed by more than a few. You’ve been spellbound by his prose novel, mesmerized by his spoken word cd’s and busted a gut to see him on the Simpsons. And you’ve no doubt groaned your way through the ham fisted hatchet jobs Hollywood has made of some of his best work.
What you’re probably far more interested in is how the mind that conceived Marvelman, Swamp Thing, Watchmen, From Hell, Promethia, Lost Girls and all those other masterpieces, actually operates. You might very well have picked up this essential volume, in which Alan shares his approach to comic book writing, looking for some clues to what really makes him tick. Having had the good fortune to collaborate with the guy for 25 years, I get the question from comic book fans all the time. As a result of the constant requests, I’ve developed a pet theory on that very subject, most of which boils down to the fact that Alan Moore’s mind simply doesn’t work like most other people’s.

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