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Letter From S.Clay

As you’ve probably heard by now, S. Clay Wilson recently woke up in the ICU after an epic bender, with a fractured skull, brain damage and a lung full of rainwater. Apparently it was touch and go for a few days but they’ve got him through the worst of it. From reports over on the Comics Journal messboard, he’s making great progress but is facing a long hard slog to get back to his normally boisterous self.

I’m sure there will be benefit events launched to help him through the financial end of his current predicament and I hope everyone will contribute. Just to give you a taste of how wildly creative S. Clay is, here’s a letter he sent me in response to the comp copies of RARE BIT FIENDS I was always deluging him with.

Get well soon, S. Clay! I’m still looking forward to that dream strip from you!

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