Diamond Announces Cut Back In PREVIEWS Relists

In the solicitation package I just received from Diamond Distribution, suppliers are being notified that due to economic conditions Diamond will be much more selective in which items they will offer in PREVIEWS and that they are cutting back on items being “Offered Again”. Since most publishers, large and small, depend on these relists of backlist items, this will be a hard pill to swallow for many.

It looks like King Hell backlist titles, such as THE ONE, MAXIMORTAL, SHINY BEASTS, ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN, HEARTBURST AND OTHER PLEASURES, RABID EYE, POCKET UNIVERSE and CRYPTO ZOO will not be available through PREVIEWS in the immediate future even though historically most, especially the superhero titles, have attracted healthy orders each time they have run in the catalog.

So if you are a reader wishing to pick up a King Hell book, you’ll probably have to do it on Amazon.com, or at Paneltopanel.net (which offers exclusive signed plates for some titles) or, better yet, at my own on-line store (where all copies come signed).

If you’re a retailer who knows you can always sell a copy of THE ONE, BRAT PACK or MAXIMORTAL, please get in touch and we can discuss terms by which you can purchase direct.

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