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Ghost In The Sucking Stomach Wound

Since I’ve been posting some of the ghost panels I’ve done for other artists, it’s only fair to show some of the ghost help I’ve gotten in my own stories. Here’s the big reveal panel from “LOVE DOESN’T LAST FOREVER”, in which we see that Bruno is suffering from some alien sexually transmitted disease. Who better to pull that off than Steve Bissette?

Steve and I ghosted lots of stuff for each other over the years, but this has got to be my favorite bit by him. I did the Bruno character and Steve collaged the rest. It should be mentioned that my editor, Archie Goodwin, had warned me not to show Bruno’s penis in this shot, but Bissette couldn’t resist slapping that orchid in there. Archie, to his everlasting credit, laughed out loud when he saw it and let it pass for publication.

Alan Moore fans (and who isn’t?) be aware that he authored this little seen 8 page story which is available only in the SHINY BEASTS trade paperback from King Hell.

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