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Yo Kids! More Free Comics! Now With Working Link!

I’ve just received printed copies of WNET’s NATURE COMICS #3. That’s my grinning and greedy dragon guarding the treasure on the cover and I’ve got a 6 page fantasy story, with lots more dragons, inside. There’s a ton of great stuff in this book, especially a knock-out 6 pager by Mark Evanier and Tom Yeates, who’s last panel that will rip your heart out (and I’m not kidding).

NATURE COMICS is printed and distributed free by WNET as a promotion and study guide for the NATURE television program. I’m not sure how you can order the printed version but you can click right over here and get some of the stories, like Mark and Tom’s and my own, as a free digital download.

I messed up the link yesterday.  Now it’s fixed.

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