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Kirby Kollage

In the pre-Photoshop days of the 1960’s, Jack Kirby pioneered the technique of adding collage to his pages to create fantastic vistas of the imagination. Since reproduction was so lousy back then, these collages often were murky, but they were so audacious they still held a fascination for readers like myself.

In the many retro comics I’ve worked on, I’ve had a few opportunities to duplicate Jack’s technique, which essentially was to cut out interesting things from magazines and books and paste them on a board, repurposing these clippings with an eye to designing some sort of wild location or machine. I can see why Jack did it; it’s an enjoyable blast. Here’s the collage I did that was dropped into the background of the first panel of WORLD’S GREATEST COMIC MAGAZINE #8, page 22. ¬©Marvel Enterprises

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