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Still Kickin’–BRAT PACK!

My BRAT PACK trade paperback has been out of print for almost a year and King Hell is proud to announce a fresh new edition is in the pipeline! It sports an all new cover with interiors remastered form the original artwork; printed on the best glossy stock to bring out every twisted detail of this notorious superhero classic.

Eisner nominated for Best Series and Best Graphic Novel when it came out, BRAT PACK is a fierce and darkly comic dissection of the hoary old ‘kid sidekick’ genre that’s as harrowing as it is hilarious; subversively subtle and completely over the top. And it’s arguably the great grandaddy of the “Twisted Superhero” genre.

On THE BEAT, Heidi Macdonald said: “For those not familiar with it, BRAT PACK completes the troika of immortal works dissecting the superhero genre, with the other two being DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN. Indeed, for those brave readers looking for a follow-up to WATCHMEN, BRAT PACK could be just the thing. We were flipping through a copy the other day, and it’s just as disturbing and horrific as it ever was.”

BRAT PACK is an edgy and unforgettable dance macabre that is a must for every graphic novel collection. 176 pages. $19.95 Introduction by Neil Gaiman. Look for it in the March 2009 issue of PREVIEWS!

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