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But Rick–What About The BRAT PACK Hardcover You Announced Last Month?

As soon as I put up the announcement yesterday that King Hell was soliciting a new edition of the BRAT PACK trade paperback, the emails started to come in asking about the INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK Limited Hardcover I announced earlier. The answer is, I’m delaying it.

The problems we are facing in comics publishing and distribution are big and still evolving. Things look tough right now but it is entirely possible this is only the beginning of a major sea change in the comics business. I’ve spent the last couple years collecting all the material for my 300 page hardcover, and it will be a great but really expensive project. Here are the hard facts: if the market implodes with my money and books in the system, King Hell might not survive the financial hit.

While the new trade paperback edition is not a cheap project by any means, I’ve got the print bill already covered so I know if the whole Direct Sales Market goes down the tubes, I’ll be okay. Hopefully, everything will hang together over the next six months and then I can get on with the big version. But until we have a better idea of the direction the market is taking, the Limited Hardcover is on hold.

Above is Page 2 of BRAT PACK. Pen, ink, wash and airbrush, 1991.

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