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Fashion Week: Everybody Must Get Bit!

Fashion Week ends here on with this two piece ensemble. These matching hats and shirts were done in 1996 to support my dream comic, RARE BIT FIENDS, but I think the message is a universal one. The print run has long been sold out, with these being the last examples I have.

T-shirts are a lovely but ephemeral art form. Since people bond with them and wear them out even the greatest designs tend to disappear after a while. So if you are thinking of picking up a @#*! DR. BLASPHEMY shirt, grab one before they are gone forever. Also I still have a handful of the ancient Tundra era MAXIMORTAL shirts at blow out prices.

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Fashion Week: Those @#*! BRAT PACK Shirts In WIRED!

John Crowe of Neon Monster in San Francisco shows off the ultimate in geek chic for WIRED Magazine’s photo spread baring the secret lives of comic store employees.

To get your own fabulous funny book finery, just mosey over to the widget on the right side of the page and order up whatever size suits your special superhero physique!

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Fashion Week: Narcissism Is All The Rage!

This shirt was created for a family reunion back in the mid 1980’s. The Veitch tribe had been spread out over God’s country and we were finally going to all be in the same place for the first time in a decade. I played off one of my favorite cartoon logos, the Pep Boys, and caricatured my brothers, sister and self to fit (I think I make a pretty good Moe). My last copy of this design ended up becoming a cover to a sketchbook. Brother Pete (upper right) loaned me this example from his personal collection.

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Fashion Week: The Great Red

This is the very first T-shirt I ever did, way, way, waaay back in 1982. I was working on my first graphic novel, ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN, for EPIC Illustrated, and also assisting Al Williamson every once in while. Just for fun, one day Al amazingly inked this shot of ABRAXAS over my pencils so I used it on a small run of three dozen shirts as Christmas gifts for my friends. This is the only surviving example that I know of.

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Fashion Week Goes Retro!

I dug deep in the back of my dresser drawers trying to turn up a Sizzlin’ Sixty-Three T-Shirt, but no luck. I think the last one I had ended up as my brush rag. These were done under license with Graphitti Designs back in 1993; released to the Direct Sales Market to coincide with the launch of the 1963 mini-series from Image.

I’ve got Bob Chapman at Graphitti trying to locate any inventory he might have stashed but so far no luck. Copy for the above ad, that appeared in Mystery Incorporated #1, written by Affable Al Moore, art and lettering by Dandy Don Simpson (except for the Red Brain down in the corner, which I illustrated and lettered in some sort of last minute change). Color by Merry Marvin Kilroy.

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Own The Parliament Of Trees DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD!

One of the very cool things about doing SWAMP THING in the late 1980’s was that, for a short period, they relegated the ads to the back of the books. Besides allowing for a much more coherent reading experience, the format offered me the opportunity to work in double page spreads whenever I felt the storytelling benefited.

Here’s a nice example that I’m offering for sale. It’s pages 12 and 13 from SWAMP THING #68 and features Swampy visiting the Parliament Of Trees and mind-melding with a group of previous Earth Elementals. There’s also an appearance by Swampy’s immediate predecessor. The spread (as seen above) is created by joining two pieces of art. Here are closer looks at each page.

The art was done on the oversized boards DC was using in those days so the whole spread measures out at a monstrous 24.5″ x 20″! Script and pencils by Rick Veitch, inks by Alfredo Alcala and lettering (on the boards) by John Costanza.

Both pieces of art are in good condition. There is typical editorial blue-lining and two balloons and a handful of single word lettering corrections are pasted up. I’d like to get $350 for the set.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

E-mail if interested. And check the gallery for other available originals.

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Fashion Week With Fangs

This is one of my favorite shirts. Done under a license to Graphitti Designs back in 1995, this beat up and well worn T-shirt is the last surviving example in my possession. It’s based on my painted cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #5; an illustration that also found its way onto the back cover of SHINY BEASTS.

I emailed my old pal Bob Chapman to see if he has any of these babies left in Graphitti’s inventory and he said he’d look. If he turns up some shirts I’ll post a link update.

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Fashion Week Continues

Continuing a look at my designs that have ended up on the front of t-shirts, here’s a neat one, featuring my lovely logo, licensed for a print run by an outfit called MINDGAMES back in 1989. These are long out of print and I only have this one sample left (so I don’t want to part with it).

If you gotta have a Veitch designed shirt grab a DOCTOR BLASPHEMY @#*! T-SHIRT in the column to the right (who knows how long they will be available). Or check out the MAXIMORTAL shirts I showed yesterday. NOTE: I’ve found a few more of those MAXIMORTALS in the XL size. Check out the previous post for updated info.

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Fashion Week Find!

I’ve been planning a series of posts featuring my T-SHIRT art, just because I love doing T-shirts and see them as one of the great subterranean art forms. Who among us hasn’t bonded with a good T-shirt?

When digging around in the storage room for samples, I found a half dozen of these MAXIMORTAL shirts still in their bags! These were done by Tundra to support the launch of THE MAXIMORTAL waaaay back in 1992, so they probably could be classified as antique textiles in 2009. But they are in perfect condition and, as you can see, quite striking. Printed on Heavyweight 100% cotton Beefy-Tees, but only in one size: LARGE.

Update 2/24/09: Further rummaging in the storage area turned up a few more shirts including three of these babies in XL. After yesterday’s flurry of orders (thanks, one and all) I now have on-hand four 3 in LARGE and 3 in XL.

So let’s blow them out the doors! The first art brutes who Paypal me $11.99 can have one (be sure to specify size). Free shipping if you are in the USA. If you live elsewhere in this great world of ours email me and we’ll work out how to get it to you. Remember, quantities are extremely limited and only two sizes are available: LARGE and XL.

Paypal to this email address.

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The Gnarled Complexity Of The Human Hand

Marker in sketchbook, 2001.

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