Those @#*! Shirts

Deer Ridge Designs just dropped off the latest run of our classic DOCTOR BLASPHEMY T-SHIRTS with the infamous @#*! graphic down the front. Diamond Distributors will no longer be carrying these shirts (in fact if you were one of the 118 people who ordered one in the last PREVIEWS relist you won’t be getting it as those orders didn’t make the Diamond minimums and were canceled).

The good news is you can now buy them direct from me and I currently have ALL sizes in stock. That means those of you who were waiting for a previously unavailable SMALL or XXL size can finally get it. I’ll have a proper web page with a Click To Buy button soon, but for now all you have to do is email me and we can work out the details.

The shirts are black 100% cotton GILDAN heavyweights with a double strike white silkscreen design. Pricing is $19.95 + shipping for SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and XL.

$22.95 + shipping for XXL.

Quantities are limited.

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