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Fashion Week Find!

I’ve been planning a series of posts featuring my T-SHIRT art, just because I love doing T-shirts and see them as one of the great subterranean art forms. Who among us hasn’t bonded with a good T-shirt?

When digging around in the storage room for samples, I found a half dozen of these MAXIMORTAL shirts still in their bags! These were done by Tundra to support the launch of THE MAXIMORTAL waaaay back in 1992, so they probably could be classified as antique textiles in 2009. But they are in perfect condition and, as you can see, quite striking. Printed on Heavyweight 100% cotton Beefy-Tees, but only in one size: LARGE.

Update 2/24/09: Further rummaging in the storage area turned up a few more shirts including three of these babies in XL. After yesterday’s flurry of orders (thanks, one and all) I now have on-hand four 3 in LARGE and 3 in XL.

So let’s blow them out the doors! The first art brutes who Paypal me $11.99 can have one (be sure to specify size). Free shipping if you are in the USA. If you live elsewhere in this great world of ours email me and we’ll work out how to get it to you. Remember, quantities are extremely limited and only two sizes are available: LARGE and XL.

Paypal to this email address.

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