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More Lost BRAT PACK Art

Another page that hasn’t been seen since the fifth issue of BRAT PACK comic book. finally got a listing of the remastered fourth edition of the BRAT PACK trade paperback up. If you don’t have a friendly comics retailer around the corner, then you can now pre-order on-line.

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The Lost Art Of BRAT PACK

With the Diamond ordering window closing fast, I’ll be running a bunch of BRAT PACK related eye-candy this week. Here’s a page from the comic book series that got dropped out when I rewrote the story and added new pages for the graphic novel version back in 1991.

I’ve just gotten the proofs back from the printer and this remastered fourth edition, with new cover, is going to look gorgeous.

If you haven’t put your order in with your local comics emporium, we urge you to do so. And if you are a retailer, you probably know the best price you’ll get from Diamond to stock up on BRAT PACK inventory is right now. Diamond’s new O/A policies mean that you’ll pay reorder fees to get BRAT PACK from them in the future.

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Mask Of The Red Death

Marker in sketchbook, 1997.

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Neolithic Dreamers

From RABID EYE. Pen and ink, 1994.

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Amazing And Bizarre

Another long-forgotten job that I found in the bottom of a box. It’s a short story, written by Steve Perry (of TIME SPIRITS fame) that I illustrated and lettered back in 1987 for a special Christmas issue of Marvel’s BIZARRE ADVENTURES. Memory is a little hazy but I think the issue got canceled and the story ended up in a thin paperback collection titled AMAZING ADVENTURES.

But what’s really amazing is that somehow Steve and I were able to retain the copyright to our work! That was pretty much unheard of at Marvel in those days, except for the late lamented EPIC Illustrated deals. There is no credit for the rather nice coloring job.

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The Boys Of Arkham

Here’s a sequence I wrote back in 1987 for a throw-away issue of SECRET ORIGINS. The shtick for this title was to tell the history of some DC character and I got the assignment to fill seventeen pages on a SWAMP THING adversary, the FLORONIC MAN.

I told the story from the point of view of KILLER CROC; one of FLORONIC MAN’s fellow inmates at ARKHAM ASYLUM. In the process I got to do a quick study of the main BATMAN villains and I always liked how these six panels came out. Script by me, art by Brett Ewins, Lettering Agustin Mas, color by Shelley Eiber. ©DC Comics

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Strong Feeling About This Dream

I think it has to do with the comics industry.

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Static Cling

Here’s another cool marketing item we cooked up for the original run of BRAT PACK from King Hell/Tundra back in 1991. It’s an 11″ x 17″ window cling with our ubiquitous tag line printed on it. I doubt we invented the window cling, but we must have been among the earliest to adopt it as a cheap strategy. Retailers loved ’em because they were so easy to put up and take down; no muss, no fuss. Fans would cut them up and rearange the words in their car windows.

I’m sharing it now, along with some of the other marketing stunts we pulled back in the day, to remind you all that the brand new fourth printing of the BRAT PACK trade paperback, complete with new cover and remastered interior art, is being solicited in the March PREVIEWS. Be sure to get your order in to your retailer this week. And if you are a retailer, order a ton now to avoid those odious reorder fees later.

And if you haven’t actually read BRAT PACK, you can savor the first issue free as a 7meg pdf download.

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Face Hugger

Actually it’s a dead spider I slapped on the Epson and scanned at 12,500 ppi. Never know when some found object like this will inspire something.

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Own William Bendix With A Pencil In His Eye!

Here’s your chance to own a piece of original art from a simpler time; when the graphic novelization of a Stephen Spielberg blockbuster would be handed over to two lunatics like Veitch and Bissette. This particular page from “1941: The Illustrated Story” is a great example of the painted collage style we used to make much of the book into a demented variation on the album cover art to SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. Bob Hope, Chevy Chase, W.C. Fields, J. Edgar Hoover and Elsie The Cow are among the bloodied, zombified crowds that litter the streets of Spielberg’s celluloid dreams.

This page is in perfect condition; the collage still glued solidly after thirty years! Size is 13.5″ x 17″. I’d like to get $300 for it. If interested in purchasing this Hollywood artifact to have and to hold, shoot me an email.

Or check out some of the other original art pages I’ve put up for sale.

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