Grave Goods

With a remastered edition of BRAT PACK in Diamond PREVIEWS this month, I’ll be posting a bunch of cool odd-ball stuff related to it here to remind everyone to order early and often.

Here’s a really neat promotional piece we did to launch the comic in 1990. It’s a foam-core stand-up that was printed, die-cut and sent to retailers by the young Tundra marketing wing trumpeting the infamous “LIVE FAST. LOVE HARD. DIE WITH YOUR MASK ON.” catch phrase. We didn’t know what we were doing in those days, but somehow we did it right on BRAT PACK, which became the best-selling black and white book that summer.

If you’ve never read BRAT PACK, you can download a 7 meg pdf of the first issue free. And when you are ready to put in your preorder, the Diamond ordering code is: MAR094365 F BRAT PACK NEW EDITION TP.

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