Das Boot

Here’s my pencils to the new BRAT PACK cover. Yes, I’ll be putting lots of BRAT PACK eye-candy up on the blog this month to remind everyone to order early and often. With Diamond’s new policies regarding minimum orders, King Hell will need all it can get while the book is solicited in this month’s PREVIEWS.

Retailers should be reminded that Diamond will not be relisting Independent books regularly in PREVIEWS like they used to. To avoid those odious reorder charges for a book you know you can sell, the wise store owner will order a boatload now at the best price they’ll ever get from Diamond. Ordering code is: MAR094365 F BRAT PACK NEW EDITION TP

If you’ve never read BRAT PACK, download a free pdf of the first issue and see what all the hooting and hollering is about.

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